Love at First Sight is a different kind of angle for a romance visual novel. Instead of being an atypical story about romancing a girl, it’s actually an atypical story about romancing a girl, BUT WITH A TWIST. The twist being that the girl has one big eye as the result of how they were born. The story is short but it’s sweet, albeit a bit rough and not as good as it could have been.
The story is of course about how the protagonist falls in love with her at first sight(which is actually a thing that’s in all likelihood a myth), no pun intended. Of course the game will reveal that his real feelings surface with the time that he spends with the girl, Sachi. Of course this is compounded by the fact that Sachi is pretty emotionally weak, which does have to do with her situation, but also more to do with her timid nature in general. So the protagonist has to help Sachi get out of her shell, along with the aid of his friends.
It’s a cute story with a nice message about being sensitive with people that have circumstances that make their lives harder than most people’s. But it’s also about proving to someone that everyone deserves to have friends and be happy. There are problems with the script though, even by the author’s admission. They didn’t have time to make a detailed story, so the scenario seems a bit rushed, and with parts missing. Even their artwork might be proof of this, as the concept art shown in the gallery section explaining this stuff is of higher quality. It’s pretty amateurish, but not bad. It was even confessed that the story was supposed to be a comic, but was made into a game to have something to submit on time for Comitia. The GUI is also not developed all that well. There’s no keyboard shortcut map or drop-down menu, so figuring out how to do certain things is somewhat difficult. Considering that the game is ten bucks, it’s a lot to ask for upfront when you are getting a somewhat rushed product that will last only about four hours. Higurashi is comparatively fifteen hours and cost six dollars. The two genres are different, but the idea is that there are other visual novels on steam for around the same price. So there’s way more value for your dollar. It might be best to wait for a sale. I liked it, but just wish it had more time to be fleshed out.

Code was provided by Sekai Project.