Sekai Project has another visual novel from developer stage-nana and the writer of Narcissu 1st and 2nd. It’s meant to serve as a prologue of sorts to those titles. As such, it’s a short experience. But it’s a pretty good one.

The visual novel is about two characters. While it starts off with a guy that is dealing with his depression, he gets spirited away to a location that is totally barren, with only a single little girl as it’s sole resident. And the sky is constantly raining. The only other objects of note are a small roofed bus stop and bench. While he finds himself seemingly trapped, he learns that he can leave at any time. While not desiring to go back anytime soon, his plans to stay are halted when he learns he only gets a maximum of three days before being ejected from this strange dimension. While he stays, he and the girl get to learn about each other. Of course, the girl is there for similar reasons, and after the initial chapter, you get a choice of how to advance the plot. Each chapter split goes between the two. You learn how the girl got there, and why she’s stayed as long as she had. And the man’s chapters are about the present,and him learning about this dimension that he’s in.

The whole story is a big allegory for how one might feel while dealing with depression. The imagery is desolate, and is beautiful in it’s own way, all with an appropriate soundtrack to go along with the theme. There is voice acting, but as per tradition, the male protagonist is silent. The story is pretty good, and has a hopeful ending, but there were a few things left unanswered. One point in particular is the lack of an explanation for how the girl ended up having a split personality that only shows up in the day. There are some extra contents like the included Narcissu 1st and 2nd, but it’s kind of pointless as those are already on Steam for free, and will soon be getting HD Remakes. It makes the 12$ USD price-tag a bit hard to justify for a short novel lasting only about 4 hours. It’s still worth reading, and it evokes some themes also seen in planetarian, another short novel published by Sekai Project. So maybe a sale would be the best time to check this out.

Code was provided by Sekai Project.