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If you had a smartphone and are a even the tiniest bit of a gamer, you may have run across a type of game that are known as ‘Clickers’. The most prominent of these are Cookie Clicker and Clicker Heroes. But Forget Me Not more or less decides to take that concept and turn it on it’s head. It does this by dumping to free to play model and micro-transactions. It does this in an effort to make the game a bit more memorable, and it mostly succeeds.

The game is about a merchant named Irene and her assistant Organa who run a literal organic garden. No seriously, they grow organs, not non-GMO’s. The organs are sold to customers that give you requests with various objectives. After you fulfill enough of these requests, which are simply called quests, The door to Irene’s office opens. This signifies that you can advance the story. And the story itself is what mostly sets itself apart from other clicker games. The story is cute, although some of the customers behave very strangely, making it sometimes unsettling. The reason the game feels like a clicker is that you will be tasked with managing the garden. Trees need to be watered, crops need to be plucked, and your watering can needs to be refilled. And you can get pets to increase how quickly water refills or how fast crops grow. At this point you will find yourself clicking everywhere with your mouse. But the increased activity means that you will actually be engaged with the game as opposed to just mindlessly clicking something with no real reward. And the story segments are amusing at times. The visuals are nicely done as well.

There are only just a few issues I’ve seen with the game. The first would be the default resolution options. Not only are there only a handful of them, but the game’s default graphic settings are abysmally low. I get that the game is optimized enough to let lower end systems to play the game, but they are perhaps a bit too low. The text is also small and hard to read even on high settings, and they are even harder to read on lower ones. There’s also no voice acting to speak of, which might have helped with the small text, but there’s no such luck here. Those are really the only problems that I had with the game. Otherwise Forget Me Not is a pleasant experience. As far as clicker games go, the game is actually a bit more involved, while not being too fast paced. And the story will keep players engaged enough to continue. It might be a bit high at $10 USD on Playism-Games, but considering quality and the lack of micro-transactions, that’s not really so bad.

Code was provided by Playism-Games.