You know, Winged cloud must have a factory that churns out these visual novels much like Kemco does with it’s RPG’s. After all, it’s easy to pump out release after release when you’ve got an engine in place. But I just wish that they’d put more effort into their stories. Each title seemed to be making incremental progress with each release, but then Sakura Clicker happened. While that’s a very different type of title, it might be indicative of how little the team cares about the quality of their products. Because as it turns out, Sakura Beach also has taken a small step back in quality.

The story this time is that a high school student named Keiji is spending the last few days of vacation spending time with his two female friends Momoko and Ayumi before burying his nose in studying for his exams. Of course they decide to go to the beach as the title implies. And of course you can expect, there’s going to be that cliched scene of Keiji walking in on the girls while they are still in their underwear, and them throwing something at his face after getting embarrassed. Or the classic beach trope of the girls bikini tops falling off while in the pool or in the ocean. There’s other shenanigans and overdone cliches like that. Nothing too serious, but none of it is either interesting or particularly nice to look at. This is because the artist for this title has changed from the one who hired for the previous entries. And they are not nearly as talented. The few upsides of this change would have to be that we can finally be liberated from the homogeneous design of the other characters the audience has been subjected to. The other upside is that the two heroines do have different body types and chest sizes when compared to the other characters seen to this point as well.
Like most Sakura titles, the runtime is about 2 hours, with most decisions being meaningless, and really only affecting which Ending CG you will get from which Girl you curry more favor with. The writing is boring, the scenes are boring, and the attempts at trying to be sexy or titillating are actually much weaker than they’ve ever been. It’s really a huge letdown. The next title, Sakura Swim Club at least seems to make up for this based on what I’ve seen and heard, with it finally going the eroge route I’ve waited to see from Winged Cloud. But maybe this visual novel’s sequel will be the story that this one should have been. As it stands $7.50 USD is too much for such a small and boring experience. There are much more exciting VN’s out there.

Review code was provided by Sekai Project.