After the disappointing Sakura Beach, it only felt natural to go to another visual novel released around the same time with similar themes. As it turns out, Beach Bounce is definitely the game that Sakura Beach should have been. Although promising, the game in it’s current state is hard to recommend if it weren’t for the early discount price.

The game is about a young man named Tomoyo, who recently decided to quit college after realizing his chosen course wasn’t for him. At a crossroads in his life, he has decided to take a holiday to rest and get his next plans sorted out. He remembers that his grandmother had a beach resort, so he decides to spend a few weeks over there.
Unfortunately once he gets there, his grandmother gets sick. Wanting to be a good grandson, he decides to work at the resort for his stay. Of course, he meets many young ladies who he can date with. If you buy the adult version on MangaGamer, you’ll also be able to witness sexual content. A word of warning though; is that said sexy content is mostly a POV affair. You can’t see Tomoyo, and the pictures feel more like the aftermath of a certain action than a description of what’s happening. with only some commentary from the female companion. At least it’s a welcome contrast to the way too long scenes from Starless. The level of content is also fairly moderate as well.

One nice thing about the game is that there is a decent number of girls to date, and each has there own personalities which are all fun to see play out in the scenes. The artwork is nicer than Sakura Beach, going for a more realistic look. Music selection is limited but it’s serviceable, and there is no voice acting. The only real problem with the game is there are a boatload of typos. It doesn’t seem like they had any script checking before they pushed it out. In fact, the game is actually a bit unfinished. Even though the steam page states that it’s episodic, the conclusion of Week 1 has a message saying that the developer plans on adding more features in the next two chapters like a CG Gallery. It just feels a might rushed. I would have gladly waited several months for a more complete product worthy of the $25 USD price they likely expect people to pay once Week 3 launches for a complete experience. But if you get it now, it’s $15 USD. What a hook to pull buyers in, right? At the end of the day, Beach Bounce seems like a Visual Novel with some potential, but the incomplete status of game along with the typos make it hard to recommend at this point. Even when you weigh the money you could be saving right now.