Review: Starless: Nymphomaniac’s Paradise


Starless is a bit of a first for me. And hopefully my last. While I’ve played many Nukige Visual Novels in the past, none have quite turned me off as much as Starless has. Starless is such a Nukige that even though it is very perverted, the level of excess and poor pacing make for an adult visual novel that may leave even the most hardened pervert wanting to remove the game from their hard drives.

The visual novel’s basic plot is about a young man named Yukito Sawatari who is looking for a job on his summer break to be able to afford a car. While looking at a newspaper stand, an ad for a job catches his eye. He calls and once he learns of the pay, he immediately heads over to the Mamiya manor. He thinks he will be a simple housekeeping servant for 2 weeks. But he quickly realizes that being a servant means more than just housekeeping. Indeed, Sawatari will have to ‘serve’ the Mistress and her daughters, by having him perform various sex acts with them. With almost all of them being extremely bizarre and perverse. And the limits of his stamina and sanity are usually stretched to unrealistic lengths. Another applicant, Mitarai, also shares the same fate. Although she tends to fair worse than Sawatari does. The Mamiyas are extremely insane and often sadistic, treating the two as nothing more than sex slaves. Most of the sexual encounters are actually various types of rape, and the game of course often tries to smooth it over by making the food drugged with aphrodisiacs to make them more horny and open to the idea of sex. Or that Sawatari and Mitarai are actually closet perverts.

The two also have to go through ‘lessons’ to make them better servants, which exposes the readers to all types of fetishes. All of which are typically more gross than the last. Pretty much every fetish you could think of is used here. Normally this might be fine, except the VN doesn’t pace itself well. All too often the story will have Sawatari or Mitarai go through some kind of lesson, only to drag it out just to be even more gross. Bukakke fests, golden showers, etc. are then repeated ad nausea, staying on a particular scene for far longer than is welcome. This even stems to Sawatari’s daily routine, which will see the reader having to repeat various tasks, all with reused CG’s. The only thing that changes is dialog, which is just boring. All of this bad pacing means that even if you were into all of the perversion going on, you’ve seen so much of it by the end of the first day that anything that happens afterword loses it’s meaning.

The game almost feels like a dark comedy parody on the state of the nukige hentai industry. Sei Shoujo’s other titles don’t seem to have the pacing problems that this one does. Even the animated adaptation of this VN is much better in comparison. And far tamer. The game just gives off the feeling of trying to hard, and trying to please way too many demographics at once. And much like how Sawatari gets hosed, you as a player will also feel his pain. There’s about only two ‘good’ endings, and even then there is a bit of messed up stuff going on in them. If you do pick the game up, expect it to take 30 hours to see all the endings. One good thing I can say about Starless is that it doesn’t buy into the virginal cherry popping myth where a women’s first time is painful and the results of that pain is a bloody hymen. Other than that, this is a nukige that I can only recommend for perverts that also have a high threshold for excess, as well as having patience. Everyone else, stick to lighter fare.

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Review: Always the Same Blue Sky


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Visual Novels on Steam are hardly anything new, and their availability is ever-increasing. So in an effort to stand out from the rest, Always a Blue Sky claims that it does something a bit different. I wouldn’t say different however, but it does force one to acknowledge the existence of a sub-genre once more.

Always the Same Blue Sky is a Western developed visual novel from Crimson Night and publisher Flying Interactive. It’s a story about a person of the player’s chosen gender having fateful encounter with a young woman, who manages make a friendship with her. But its not long before the woman’s secret is revealed. Saying anymore about the plot would spoil the story, as it’s dreadfully short. It can be completed in under an hour, and more if the player decides to go achievement hunting. There are also two endings to see, but neither of them can be considered good. One’s depressing, and the other is still depressing, but bittersweet. There’s also a little short story to view as well. It provided some more background info for an already brief tale.

Because of this brevity, there’s not a whole lot of room for character development. You can’t really get attached to them all that much either. It seems apparent that in the effort to cut the filler out of a visual novel, the author went overboard and took a nice chunk of what makes the medium so interesting. However if one were to leaves things at that, this visual novel would get a bad review anywhere else. However, the author of this story might have inadvertently created something resembles another genre. The story seems to be more of a Visual Poem than a novel, as the length of the tale isn’t good enough for the medium, but the prose combined with the artwork and music come together to bring something refreshing to the table. Even if it’s not exactly new or fresh, it’s uncommon. And that can be appreciated.

The game does have some GUI issues that need to be addressed though. It needs a pop-up menu, and it needs a bigger text box. The text is dreadfully small and is hard to read. There no known resolution options either, and saving is a pain. Not that you would really need to, considering how quick the story goes. But hopefully future updates will see improvements on these fronts.

This might be why the game is only $3 USD. So if you are curious about seeing what a Visual Poem is like. Or maybe you want to try a visual novel but are averse to their length; this game might be worth the low price to be your gateway. Just be prepared to deal with the weak interface.

Sooner than I’d realized

While I had intended for this site to launch as a haven for hardcore eroge reviews and a dumping ground for my Youtube videos, there was a visual novel that necessitated that it’s place needs to be here. And now rather than later, as I’ve put it off for for too long. The review in question is for Always the Same Blue Sky. The interesting thing is that it’s less a visual novel and more of a poem. To this end I don’t feel comfortable giving it a review score of any kind. Not scoring this review for such a thing falls in line with this site’s no score policy. And thus, it’s presence supplants a hardcore eroge like Starless. So, pardon my dust.

An introduction



Hello everybody. I’m Eric Kelly, a freelance writer. I’ve written for many videogame websites over the years, but now I wanted to expand on my own little blog. Mainly for the sake of hardcore eroge visual novels. I don’t feel comfortable writing about them anywhere else, due to there content, and also because of my desire to write about them unfiltered. Expect explicit language and subject matter which might turn off some, perhaps even myself. Regardless, I want to report on my experiences. So to those who are still here, thanks for staying, and prepare yourself for some crazy shit.